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The Sun is Dying

The Moon is Dead

The Stars are Vengeful

This is the Dawn of a New Age. The Age of Heroes.

Dawn of a New Age: The Lost World (DoNA:LW) is a custom setting for Dungeons and Dragons. It is a spin-off/expansion of sorts to Dawn of a New Age. The information presented herein is meant to be the most up to date information as it occurs in game.

Where to Start?

If you're new to the setting or want to refresh your knowledge; first go adventuring, then read the major myths and if you want to know about the sweeping history of Aremia, check out the history. Of course, while not all of the pages are filled, they are being constructed and expanded constantly.

The purpose of this page is to allow knowledge about the game and the stories found within to be shared without tons of paperwork. In time, this wiki will be record to many unique features of Aremia.

This wiki takes a measured non-mechanical approach to the world in order to cater to all game systems. However, if you are playing one of the below systems, setting rules have been presented, in whole or in part, in these portals. If you have any further questions, discuss them with your game master or visit the forum.

All the art presented in the web-page is owned by the individual artists. I have used this art with all due respect and admiration for a gift of artistry that I do not possess.


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